– a posture of the heart which allows one (self or other) to be exactly where they are on their journey

– a good place to start… and end

The title for this blog was inspired by a line from Anne Lamott’s book Blue Shoe: “Lewis said grace for everyone.” This line comes at the end of the book, in the context of a shared meal. Coming at the end of a book which on my reading is a book about grace, it struck me as poetic. What if his “saying grace” was speaking grace into the life of each one present? What if I were to try that in my life? What would it mean to honor each individual by interacting from a posture of grace? The above definition came out of these musings. It has been said that judgement precludes love. I’d like to suggest that grace precludes judgement, and enables us to remain open to the gift that is the ‘other’.

This blog is not primarily about grace, though I hope you will find some here. It is the musings of one who is attempting to live with grace as a starting place. Scripture has been described as a multifaceted jewel. One has to turn it a little and gain a different perspective, experience a different bending of light. I tend to approach life in this way, seeing and turning, turning and discovering something new and surprising. In this blog are some notes from this paying attention.

Grace and peace to you.

3 thoughts on “Grace

  1. I’m so glad you stopped by my blog so that I could discover yours! “Grace for everyone” seems like a good maxim to live by.

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